Saint Leonards Square Blue Plaque

Saint Leonards Square Blue Plaque

St Leonard’s Square

Saint Leonards Square Blue Plaque

Once the focal point for the old town which before the Industrial Revolution occupied the ridge towards Rochdale. Nearby street names – High Street and Cheapside – identify the old town. Cottage silk weaving was practised in the surrounding area.

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St Leonard’s Church, Middleton


  1. Silk weaving? Who round here could afford to wear that stuff? They did some weaving in Westhoughton too, but I think it was all cotton or wool. We burned the only mill they ever built round here, the culprits got transported to Australia, so we missed the Industrial Revolution. It’s all mining!

  2. Re: Silk weaving? Who round here…?
    Well, funny you should ask that. I have been trying to find info. on my grandfather who “worked for the silk mills in Rochdale..” [family quote]
    I heard he traveled to India and China – presumably purchasing cotton/silk & cultivating suppliers. Also family lore tells me his company sold blackout material “during the war”. I can’t find any internet references to “Rochdale silk mills selling blackout material” during WW2.
    George Herbert Hauxworth Jones was the name. Lived at St. Leonards. I know I’m close but, never a cigar!

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