Saint Edmunds

Saint Edmunds

Saint Edmunds Church in Falinge, Rochdale.

Saint Edmunds
Clement Royds Street 9th August 1979.
Photo from Harold Howarth

Grade I Listed Building

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Mark Tee This is a Masonic Church.  This church was dedicated to Freemasonry and is the only such example in England.

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. I agree with you Mark, I may be wrong but it is my understanding that Freemasons do not embrace the central Christian doctrines of the trinity, the fall, the Incarnation, the atonement etc. To a lodge these essential
Christian beliefs are completely irrelevant. St Edmunds is/was a christian church? Dedicated to and obviously designed around a Masonic brief.

Mark Tee As a Freemason I can tell you that the initial degrees of Freemasonry are open to those of all denominations who believe in a Supreme Being. You may know that there are a large number of subsequent degrees some of which require a belief in Christianity and the Holy Trinity. Examples of these would be the Rose Croix and the Knights Templar.

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