Rochdale Darkside Series by John Cole

Rochdale Darkside

Rochdale Darkside Series by John Cole

Rochdale Darkside is a series of short films starring John Cole who was at one time Rochdale’s Tourism Officer for the council. You will love watching these short films and the gruesome tales of murders and the dark dealings and happenings from Rochdale Past.

John Cole does a wonderful job of telling chilling tales from Rochdale’s dark and sinister Past.

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  1. I look back at Rochdale in the 1950’s and 1960’s with pride and great fondness .It was a great place to grow up especially as a teenager
    in the 60’s.Now all I hear about Rochdale are negative comments .Surely the Town can’t be as bad as depicted ?

  2. Very well told indeed There are two errors of name in the Boar’s Head story, however. James Taylor’s father was magistrate John Holland not Samuel Holland. And his wife was Esther, not Martha. These insubtantial differences are according to the accounts in the Rochdale Observer of May 10 and May 17, 1856. Parish and probate records document the corrections. I only discovered the print version of the story because an ancestor was a cousin or sibling to Esther Taylor nee Brierley and found it by searching the papers for the name of the proprietor of the beerhouse in Toad Lane, Barnish, who was married to Esther’s sister, Sarah. A bigger mystery exists as to motive for the attempted murders. According to the Observer accounts of the inquest into Taylor’s death, he told the police they’d find to anwer in a locked drawer at the Boar’s Head. The contents, however, reported the newspaper, were too obscene to be printed, but were adjudged to be prima facie evidence of Taylor’s temporary insanity.

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