Middleton Symphonia

Middleton Symphonia

Friday 8th August – 8.30am

Rochdale Past--67  Rochdale Past--66  Saint Leonards Church Middleton  St Leonards Church Middleton

Middleton Symphonia has been created by Middleton born architectural photographer Andy Marshall, Andy has joined forces with the Edgar Wood and Middleton Townscape Heritage Initiative, to put Middleton’s treasures on film and encourage visitors and residents to fall in love with the town.

Andy Marshall has worked all over the world and picked up three industry awards and has also been named one of the most influential commentators on the built environment.

The film Middleton Symphonia will be launched to the public on Friday and will be accessible here:

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The film will feature beautiful montages of Middleton Past & Present, to show the people what the town’s heritage is now and what it will be in the future.

Edgar Wood and Middleton
Townscape Heritage Initiative

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