Kenion Street Music Building Blue Plaque

Kenion Street Music Building Blue Plaque

Kenion Street Music Building, Cargo Studios (first floor) 1977-84

Tractor Music (ground floor) 1977-83

Suite 16 Studios 1984-2001(both floors)

Kenion Street Blue Plaque

From 1977 onwards this building saw an endless stream of bands from Manchester, Liverpool and from all over the British Isles, pass through its doorways as it became the place for groups to record, and to buy and hire their equipment.

Joy Division recorded here from 1978 onwards and had their bass equipment custom built on the ground floor.

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Kenion Street, Rochdale

Blue Plaque Unveiling
Blue Plaque Unveiling 24.09.09 at the studio in Kenion St. Guitar George Borowski performs. Photo by Nigel ‘Idolfrets’ Pickering

Dave Hopwood Think that is Guitar George, of the Dire straight song fame.

Stephen Sparky Spark guitar george, he knows all the chords

Greg Couzens The side of my head peering over the wall, great day!

Rick Lowe Hey my head by the shutter door, was great indeed!

Dave Hopwood I’m in there somewhere, and what a grand day out it was.

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