Butterworth Jewellers Blue Plaque

Butterworth Jewellers Blue Plaque

Butterworth Jewellers 1896

Butterworth Jewellers Blue Plaque
Photo By Greg Couzens

Since 1903, this property has been occupied by Butterworth Jewellers, which is the longest established family-run business within the town centre.

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14 Drake Street, Rochdale

Lisa Lee My Dad bought my nurses buckle from that jewellers when I qualified in 1991

Angeline Teale Butterworths jewellers, my grandmother, took me to have my ears peirced, when I was 11 years old they used a right contraception, to do the procedure, nothing like the niffty, bits of mechanisms they use today, I told her mum and dad said I could have them done.
She believed me , well you can imagine my parents were furious when I arrived home with my two throbbing little ears, no sympathy there, how naughty was that ???

Jenny Went I had my engagement and wedding rings from there in the 60’s

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