Back Again

Well here I am back again trying to create an online community of people that love Rochdale warts and all, especially it’s marvellous heritage. Welcome to the site if you are new, if you are “back again” then thank you for your faith :-). 


Under Construction, coming soon.

Having suffered a number of (lets call them) issues, I hope that now I can go on to build the website I had planned over 18 months ago. So, let us know what you think of what you see? what you would like to see? and most of all your help with highlighting faults, broken links or just things you don’t like will be the best thing you could do if you don’t feel up to creating content.

Your help with photos, the stories that go with them and calling in now and again to see what’s new will be greatly appreciated, oh and quite a bit of patience would probably help too.

Thank you to the many that have been inspiration and encouragement to me via Facebook and other social media sites, while this project was abandoned. I hope you all enjoy and take part 🙂


By Neil Myers

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