Rochdale-Past is a website dedicated to promoting Rochdale in all its forms with a special focus on Heritage within the Metropolitan Borough.

Rochdale-Past was created with a hope to inspire pride, nostalgia and commitment to this great town. As a outsider (Yorkshireman), but quickly welcomed in, I noticed the local people with their long and varied history didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as townsfolk new to the area. I felt it undeservedly gets talked down by a lot of the people I meet. I love local history and hoped this would be a good way to find out more about Rochdale’s past, but most of all I hope the power of a good photograph to create thoughts and feelings, could be the best conduit to get together a community of like minded people to try and make a difference to peoples view of Rochdale…. in whatever form that takes.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough really is a wonderful place, I hope this site shows what a great heritage it has.


Rated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building. The Town Hall up until very recently functioned as the ceremonial headquarters of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council and housed local government departments, including the borough’s civil registration office.

Ellenroad Mill Steam Museum is a fantastic day out for all the family, it rains quite a bit around here so it’s great for a wet day and better still when it’s sunny. Why not have a family picnic?

In 1412 Thomas Langley, Chancellor of England at the time, who was also educated in Middleton rebuilt the Parish Church and founded a charity school which became The Queen Elizabeth The First Free Grammar School.  The building has now been restored and is used as a heritage centre.

Rochdale Heritage

Click here to see Heritage Related Videos made by various people about various things, covering the whole of the Metropolitan Borough


Rochdale has an abundance of Blue Plaques around the Area due to our wide and varied Heritage.

St Chads or to give it its full name, The Church of Saint Chad. St Chads is the parish church for Rochdale and dates back to around the year and will be open to the public during the coming Heritage Week.

Rochdale Pioneers were the people noted for starting the co-operative movement. The”co-op” is one of the largest companies in the Uk and it started from humble beginnings right here in Rochdale.


St Leonards has stood in Middleton for over 900 years and there was probably a wooden Saxon church on the site before that. A fantastic example of Norman architecture and a world famous stained glass window.