West Street Baptist Church

West Street Baptist Church

West Street Baptist Church

Photo by Philip John Chin, taken on Buckley Street, 25th of June 2005

Philip John Chin  Not sure what this building is, but it caught my eye. not sure of its fate, I hope its been restored

Lisa Webb It was there not so long ago. It was the original west street baptist church and they then moved onto buckley street in to a building that’s been demolished over 20 years. They built a new church on the sight of the demolished church and then they sold that around 7 yesrs ago and now reside in hall carr at falinge. They have an amazing history, i think its on their website. West street baptist church has quite a history behind it. Well worth reading

Jane Blanchard In the late 1700’s this was built & opened as West St Baptist Church, this front entrance became “Listed” over the years. Think it was sold off to a private owner in the 1960’s/70’s. Then it became a factory. But the owner neglected it & sweatshop workers, making clothing. West St Fellowship moved into the old Sunday school building when the building became too big to manage. This was later knocked down & we moved into the new Hall behind. Eventually the v old bdg was condemned by the Council & demolition order was made. The Hall was sold to the local Community who wanted to use it as a Community Centre, the fellowship moved to Horse Carrs now called “Open Door”.

Lisa WebbThey renovated the grave yard a few years ago too. It was just a mess and they made it lovely

Kath IbbotsonWest Street Baptist Church is still alive and well. We meet in Horse Carrs on Shawclough Road. Our web page, which includes a history of the Baptist Church in Rochdale, is www.open-door.org.uk Come and join us any Sunday!

Enid HoltI met my first husband in the youth club there in 1968! I also worked there when it was a factory in the early seventies sewing handbags!!!!

Jonny BradleyKnocked down, behind watan cash and carry

Lisa WebbWhen was that Jonny?

Jonny BradleyIt’s just land for sale now

Rochdale Past, Present & Future.how sad

Jonny BradleyYeah I remember playing on the grass at the side when I was only little, seems a lot of buildings are going and even memories are fading as we get older, that’s why I like this page, I find things out that I never knew, it’s interesting

Jane GarryMr Llawrynowicz’s bag factory.Lexy here’s a bit of your family history – show your mum 🙂

Lexy SzczotkaThanks! Showed it to mum. Trip down memory lane x

Carol HayesI thought that became the handbag factory I remember my friend had a sat job there

Jonny BradleyAn not sure about a year ago but it was quite a mess, it’s near my nan’s so I walked passed it quite a bit, shame really

Rick MurrayThey were doing some botched restoration apparently, it went very wrong and half the building collapsed.Thats what i was told by one of the demolition team when they shut off the road.

Philip John Chinsad to hear its perished, pics were taken 25th June 2005

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