The Walk Blue Plaque

The Walk Blue Plaque

The Walk pre-1824

The Walk Blue Plaque Rochdale

A key part of the urban fabric of Rochdale since the industrial revolution, this narrow ‘ginnel’ (historic street) has been a well-used route in the town centre for centuries. The walk was created by the Vavasour family to obtain easy access from their house (now The Lloyds bank) to the River Roch.

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John Woolfenden whats the difference between a ginnel and a snikket?

Sue Hayter They are the same, just different colloquial language. Snickets tend to be down South and gunnels up north. In the north east they are just alleyways as far as I can make out from my childhood in the north east.

Chris Jepson-Brown In Rochdale, in order of frequency, I have heard ginnel, snicket and twitch.

Patricia Kaup There as a “twitch” from the top of Buersil Ave through Turf Hill to Buxton Crescent and then …………..

Greg Couzens Affectionately known as Lovers Walk, courting couples used to meet to walk along the banks of the river, soon to be revived, the remaking of history.

Margaret Jones How interesting, cant imagine a house being where the Lloyds bank stands. I guess Vavasour street was named after the Vavasour family.

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