Stump Pie

Stump Pie

Pastries – Savoury Double Crust Pies

A pastry case filled with minced meat with suet, sugar, salt, herbs and spices and whole eggs, dried fruit “a good quantity”, baked. Served with white wine vinegar and sugar (WM 1658, Wooley 1672)

Stump Pie

Original Recipe in WM 1658;

To make a Stump Pye.
Take a Leg of mutton, one pound and a half of the best Suet, mince both small together, then season it with a quarter of a pound of Sugar, and a small quantity of salt, and a little cloves & mace, then take a good handful of Parsly half as much Tyme, and mince them very small, and mingle them with the rest; then take six new laid Eggs and break them into the meat and worke it well together, and put it into the past; then upon the Top put Raisins, Currans and Dates a good quantity, cover and bake it, when it is baked, and when it is very hot, put into it a quarter of a Pint of White wine Vinegar, and strow Sugar upon it, and so serve it.

Kindly posted and made by Colette Wren

It is reported in ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine, and Historical Chronicle’, (v97, Part 1) of 1827 that stump pie

“formed a prominent dish at a certain period at the feasts of the Knights of the Garter”.


Rochdale Past, Present & Future. OMG how lovely was that, wow amazing!! its like a cross between a Tagine and an Eccles cake, sounds strange, looks strange but was gorgeous

Elizabeth Macpherson Is it similar to what ‘mincemeat – xmas’ used to be? Did you use ‘mutton’ + what weight? Please.

Elizabeth Macpherson how much would a leg of mutton weigh?

Colette Wren got mixed mince from world wide mostly mutton got 1 kilo and made 2 huge pies.xxxx.

Colette Wren if you go worldwide on milkstone road and ask for a kilo of mixed mince works out the same as a leg of mutton is £2.50 a

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. a massive difference from white wine vinegar and white vinegar, glad I checked first. Off to get some 🙂

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. Thank you very much Colette smile emoticonloads left

Colette Wren told you I don’t make small pies lol .xxx.

Colette Wren did you have it the olden days way and wash it down with a pitcher of ale ?

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. I had it with green beans and Guinness but would go well with fresh cream & Brandy

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. very filling too, warms you up 🙂

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. 6 good portions in the pie I had, going to have to freeze some and my in-laws are having some tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a Cornish pasty, which was sweet at one end and savoury at the other, to make a meal for a miner. Double pastry too, cos it was poisonous! Stump is an old Dialect word too, heard my Grandad use it! Stiff as a stump was one of his favourites!

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