St Michaels Middleton

St Michaels Middleton

St Michaels Middleton is the parish church for Tonge and Alkrington and has been situated in Townley Street since 1839. The original church was pulled down and the foundation stone for the present one was laid in 1901.

There have been a number of changes to the existing building since then, there was a nave built in 1912, the tower was added to the main structure in 1926, also at that time a daughter church was built on Kenyon Lane called the “Holy Innocents’ Church”. To specifically serve the people of Tonge. Holy Innocents’ Church remained open until 1978, but its congregation was forced to join those at St Michael’s. St Michael’s and the Holy Innocents’ Chapel and Memorial area were completed in 1981.

In 1990, the vicarage or “Old Vic” as it is known, was purchased by the church to be used as a community centre and the vicarage was relocated to Kirkway.

Both of the following photos are from our past but clearly show the building before and after sandblasting which took place around 1977, please give us your views with regards to which “look” you prefer.


St Michaels Middleton
Taken 5th August 1976
Kindly supplied by Harold Howarth

And after:

St Michaels Middleton
Taken March 1977 photo kindly supplied by Harold Howarth

Which do you prefer?

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