St Chads Snowing

St Chads Snowing

St Chads Snowing by Ajmal Afridi‎

St Chads Snowing by Ajmal Afridi

  Ajmal Afridi‎ posted to Rochdale Past, Present & Future. 16 January 2013
  Rochdale Past, Present & Future. Have you taken this Ajmal you have quite an eye, keep em coming?
  Ajmal Afridi Yeah i took this the morning it was snowing! And thanks
  Charma Force Love this picture Ajy!
  Ajmal Afridi Thankss
  Rochdale Past, Present & Future. He’s good isn’t he Charma?
  Charma Force Yeah very good! Just out of curiosity who is it who runs this facebook page?
  Charma Force really? anymore identification? do I know you?
  Neil Myers I have seen this here! good shot
  Diane Sutcliffe Thats the best modern photo I have seen of St Chads.
  Karen Cheetham Great pic
  Irene Marsh Beautiful picture !
  Margaret E-Banham Lovely photo
  Chris Morris Awesome photo.
  Gail Watson Awesome Photo, I have lived in the Tropics for 20 years and this photo brings me right back!!!

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