Red Cross Street

Red Cross Street

Red Cross Street viewed from what is now the centre of the dual carriageway.

Red Cross Street
Photo from Harold Howarth

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Elizabeth Macpherson gee have never seen a road sign ‘no waiting this side today’!

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. well spotted, I had not noticed

Lorraine Myers Is that falinge flats you can see at the back being built? Wow really changed

Barbara Codd Is it were brick croft is now

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. yes

Debbie Lloyd The person walking would be stood in the middle of St Marys gate! Brickcroft is were the women in the white coat is!

Diane Foster I used to go to school there were they built the “Bricky” on was St Mary’s School.

Joyce Jones Coincidentally, they have just pulled the flats down which they were building in this photo.

Rochdale Past, Present & Future. and the Salvation Army that was just out of shot to the left….. all gone

Lilian Mullane Pity can’t see reg or colour on the Cortina Estate I think it was my Dad’s he used to park there.

Mark Smith Must be around 1970. We were one of the first to move into Vaynor on Sheriff street when I was 10. Posh modern flats !!!!!

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