Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Middleton

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Middleton

The Old Grammar School

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Middleton was founded in 1572, and is a beautifully restored Tudor building.

 In 1412 Thomas Langley, Chancellor of England at the time, who was also educated in Middleton rebuilt the Parish Church and founded a charity school which became The Queen Elizabeth The First Free Grammar School.  The building has now been restored and is used as a heritage centre.

The Nowell Brothers

In 1520, a priest, Thomas Mawdsley had gained such a reputation as a teacher that the Nowell Brothers, Robert and Alexander, who were from Read in Pendle came to Middleton to be educated, alongside their “Assheton” cousins of Middleton Hall. From here, they went to Brazenose College, Oxford.

Robert Nowell became a wealthy London lawyer, and Alexander entered the church and became the Dean of St Paul’s in London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Robert Nowell, as he was dying, spoke to his brother Alexander:

“…..forget not Middleton School and Brazenose College, where we were taught in our youth, and, if you should procure anything with my money, do it in the name of the Queen whose poor servant I have been”

Queen Elizabeth Declares


With the help of Lord Burleigh, Alexander Nowell was granted letters by Queen Elizabeth I on the 11th of August, 1572.

Her majesty’s actual document declared that:

“….there shall be forever a free and perpetual Grammar School within the said town and Parish of Middleton, which shall endure for all future time and shall be named “The Free School of Queen Elizabeth in Middleton”.

“….for the better informing, training and educating in good letters of the children and youths dwelling in Middleton and neighbouring parishes”

The building as it stands today was completed in 1586.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Middleton
Click this great image kindly sent in by Kenneth Hall for our Grammar School Album

Boarshaw Road, (opposite Bardsley Street), Middleton, M24 6BR


From the A664/M62, follow signs to Middleton, head downhill to the east of Middleton Parish Church.

20 cars.

Friday 10am-4pm,
Saturday 10am-4.30pm,
Sunday 1pm-4pm

BOOKING NOT NECESSARY, Guides will be available to assist visitors with tours.

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