Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Rochdale (Now Demolished)

Trinity Presbyterian Church stood proud at the end of The Esplanade for years in Rochdale. Having only lived here myself for less than 10 years I had only seen one or two photos of this magnificent structure before Harold sent us these.

They should bring back memories for those that remember it, please give us your recollections?

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  1. AL

    The building was completed in 1866. It was an English Presbyterian Church, becoming a United Reformed Church in 1972 when the Presbyterian and Congregational churches merged to form the URC. The building itself was sandblasted in the early 1970s to remove a century’s worth of industrial grime. Trinity URC merged with Milton URC (formerly Milton Congregational church) on Smith Street around 1978. The decision was taken to vacate the Manchester Road building shown here shortly afterwards, due to the spiralling costs of heating and maintaining it, and the church congregation relocated to the Smith Street site, awaiting the construction of a new purpose-built church which opened in 1980 as St Andrew’s URC on Smith Street, relocating again in 2012 to its present site on Entwisle Road as a result of town centre redevelopment).

    Shortly after vacating the original site, a fire was deliberately started by vandals in the church basement (the former Sunday School rooms) and this fire caused widespread damage, destroying much of the floor, the whole of the altar and making demolition the only available option. It also destroyed the magnificent pipe organ, some pipes from which were salvaged, cleaned and used as a screen for the instrument used in the present church. The final picture tells its own story – the final days of a magnificent landmark.

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