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  1. Brian Fenton

    I Remember Walking From Yorkshire Street Through The Market There Was A Large TiledArea On The Right Hand Side were All The Fresh Fish Was Sold??JustBefore You Reached Toad Lane???(Memories For Us Older End??)

  2. Neil

    Thanks for sharing them Brian, welcome to the site 🙂

  3. sheila

    Bring back the old Rochdale and the old market .

    • Neil

      Would you like it to be in front of the Town Hall Sheila? There has been some talk of it moving with all the changes going on.

    • Neil

      Welcome to the site Sheila 🙂

  4. Aubrey Oldham

    The building of Rochdale’s so called new market. Was the start of Rochdale’s decline.

    • Neil

      Your not the first person to say that Aubrey, welcome to the site 🙂

  5. Great pictures. I worked on the market as a teenager in the late 1960’s to earn a few quid. These pictures are just how I remember it. Great community spirit, great banter and a great place to be.

    • Neil

      Lets hope this site get just like Rochdale Market of old then Paul, welcome and thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. bev

    i remember the market like this when i was a child it was far better than the one now

    • Neil

      Thanks for your comment Bev, welcome to the site 🙂

  7. lynn skinner

    I live in Australia now,but i was born and raised in Rochdale.I remember the markets clearly, like it was yesterday……remember the toffee stall, with all the trays of home made toffee….coconut ice,cough candy,treacle toffee,sold on the outside market there…Then there was the inside market..i used to go with mum to Thackstones every saturday…,then they would home deliver the groceries on the following Monday…they sold the tub butter, that came in those big vats…so good.I also used to stand all day on a Saturday, at the record stall on the bottom market,listening to
    all the new music…Del Shannons ..Runaway….Roy Orbisons …Crying….lol…Those were the days alright…memories we shall never lose

    • Neil

      Welcome to the site Lynn your comments are good to hear 🙂

  8. lynn skinner

    My name now is Lynn Skinner…..nee Buckley

  9. Marilyn

    The lady at the front on the café photo was there every Saturday wish I could remember her name

    • Neil

      Hope you find out Marilyn, welcome to Rochdale-Past 🙂

  10. Terry

    Who can remember the ‘toffee made with butter’ man? He must have shouted out that phrase a thousand times a day. Its a wonder he had any voice left.

  11. June Chester (Blackstone)

    Loved going down to the market every Saturday, used to get my tights from Jacks. Anyone remember American Tan diamond patterned tights?

  12. Peter Lord

    Ahhh yes the toffee man, little fellah, wore fingerless glove. In winter he always had a runny nose. He would shout out his wares, and when you asked for a qtr he would wipe his nose on the back of his hand and then weigh out your quarter of cough candy or whatever. HAHAHAHA no health and safety then. There was also a stall that sold bits of furniture (think there must have been some kind of flea market or something) anyway I was there with my Granma as usual late 50s or early 60s, and she bought a chair. Like a nursing chair short legs big back rest, with a crest embossed on the leather. Well I carried it back to her house on Robinson Street, and now after 50 or so years it is here
    on our landing under the gable window. Great memories

  13. Jill Bradbury

    I remember ‘Save Records’ on the inside market and the sweet stall on your left hand side as you go in, I remember the smaller market on Toad Lane.
    I loved the old markets and it was a sad day when they had got rid of them and replaced them with the new one.

  14. Linda Mansell (Kettleton/ Goodall)

    American tan diamond pattern tights! Ahh! Always got mine from Jacks.
    The toffee stall – the little steel toffee hammers for breaking the tray toffee. Sure Boots was on right hand side with an entrance to “Woolies” next to it. Why did it all go and to plastic stalls?!

  15. dave hollinrake

    Can anyone remember the name of the cafe at the bottom of yorkshire street with the shopping arcade that ran through to lord street with clive harveys and the toy shop

  16. anne

    hi im really interested in the old market place and was wondering if paul hanson or shelia remember a market stall that use to sell cardigans and jumpers as ive been looking for my dad for the past 20 years and dont have much to go on apart from he use to work there anything about it or the man that use to work there by the name of ashroth latif would help me so much thank you for reading

  17. Nigel Lancashire

    Dave Hollinrake: I’ve wondered the same thing, what WAS the name of that coffee bar? I’d love to see a picture of that arcade, and the toys shop at the other end, where the steps ran up to the indoor market. There was a comic and book stall facing that shop, on the bottom market, that I used to beg/plead/harangue my Mum to take me to every time we went to town.

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