Blue Plaques

A blue plaque is a permanent blue plate installed in a public place in the United Kingdom and elsewhere to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person or event, the blue plaques are to serve as a marker of our heritage for generations to come.

Supported by the Society of Arts, the very first blue plaque to be erected in 1866 and was dedicated to our very own Lord Byron at his birthplace in Cavendish Square, London. Lord George Gordon Byron, the poet, was an important figure of our town due to him inheriting the Manor of Rochdale in 1808, so it is only fitting that we should know who and what is represented as objects deserving of a now prestigious list of blue plaque in our vicinity.

Our area has more than it’s fair share of Blue Plaques, I have divided these up into our four “Township” zones as follows:

Plaques of Rochdale Township

Plaques of Middleton Township

Plaques of Heywood Township

Plaques of Pennines Township

Suggest a Blue Plaque

Please contact us If you have suggestions for further blue plaques and potential funding sources to cover the cost of purchase and erection, we will be happy to actively pursue your proposals with our local Council.

Rochdale Council Blue Plaque Scheme.


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