First Car in Rochdale

First Car in Rochdale

First Car in Rochdale

Karen Cheetham posted this wonderful photo to our Facebook Page. 
First car in Rochdale? My mum’s grandfather Albert Wright worked for a doctor and initially drove him around by horse and cart. This was upgraded to a motorcar and the tale passed down the family was always that it was the first car in Rochdale.
24 March at 19:05


  Karen Cheetham He was aged 22 in the 1901 census and his occupation listed as doctor’s coachman. I’m guessing the little girl in the picture is one of his daughters, either Edith or Gladys – Gladys married a man called James Whitaker, my mum has a copy of his autobiography telling how he started in the slums of Edinburgh, then down to the docks at Liverpool, and his first thoughts on coming to Rochdale – his opinion was that it was a dump of a place but the people were wonderful and had a humour like he had never before encountered 🙂
24 March at 15:38


  Tricia Ayrton His name was Samuel Jackson
24 March at 19:30


  Tricia Ayrton That’s really interesting! I was always told that my Great Grandfather owned the first car in Whitworth – and his daughter Ada (my Grandmother) was the first woman in Whitworth to have a driving licence
24 March at 19:30


  Tim Murphy Nice story but your grandad was a bit small to be driving a doctor around,wasnt he?Different times i suppose.Only joking.Genuinely like it
24 March at 14:02


  Susan Buckley great photos
25 March at 08:40


  Karen Cheetham The 1911 census has Albert’s occupation as Chauffeur (domestic ) so that would date the picture between the two censuses
24 March at 22:40


  Elizabeth Macpherson Superb x
24 March at 19:31


  Bernice Rhodes great info also great pic,
24 March at 18:54
  Annette Warburton Lovely family story. Great photo thank you Karen
24 March at 18:30

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