Enid Stacy Blue Plaque

Enid Stacy Blue Plaque

Enid Stacy 1868-1903

Enid Stacy Blue Plaque
Photo By Neil Myers

International and local speaker and writer on the welfare of working people and women’s right to vote lived in Calderbrook Vicarage and worshipped at St. James with her husband the Reverend Percy Wildrington.

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St James Church, Calderbrook Road (right gatepost)


  1. Don’t know about Enid but there is a Calder Grove in Shaw,Lancashire, where I used to live, and I think a Calder Brook. But all the streets on our estate were named after rivers, Trent rd, then Medway where I grew up, Bourne and Avon.

  2. Just found out, by the way, that a Limegal was a very surefooted breed of pony, often used as a packhorse, which would account for the lass on the Internet in the picture from Touchstones using it as a title. Likely used to carry kit over the top of Blackstone Edge on the old Roman Road into Littleborough?

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