Ellenroad Steam Mill

The Ellenroad Steam Mill was built in 1892 on the banks of the River Beal in Newhey. Home to the colossal “Victoria and Alexandra” machine which was once part of one of Lancashire’s largest cotton mills. The Ellenroad Cotton Mill produced fine cotton yarn using mule spinning and was built to respond to the boom in the cotton trade.  In 1916 a fire broke out that destroyed the whole of the cotton mill except for the engine house, boiler house and chimney stack. The Ellenroad Ring Spinning Mill re-opened in 1921 It was built for Wm. Barker & Sons Ltd Tannery in Ossett, West Yorkshire, The company went to the local firm of J&W McNaught for the steam engine and chose a triple-expansion horizontal engine. This gave the greatest efficiency in terms of power per ton of coal.

Ellenroad Steam Mill, Newhey


Ellenroad Steam Mill

The Mill

The mill was a very modern building at the time 100 yards long and 50 yards wide with a conditioning cellar and warehouse. Oldham architects, Scott & Sons managed the design and construction. The building was five storeys high and was reputed to be fireproof. Accommodating 99,756 mule spindles made by Platts of Oldham with drawing frames and carding machines.
The mill machinery continued to be powered by the 3000 hp engines until the electrification of the mill in 1975, when the last of the great steam engines of the cotton age, was stopped for the last time. The mill survived only a few years until 1985 when it was demolished.

Ellenroad Steam Mill

Ellenroad Steam Mill Engine House by Phil Robinson

The Engine House

The Ellenroad Steam Mill engine house was a separate building and when the Mill was demolished, the engines, boiler house, Lancashire boiler and the 220-foot high chimney were saved. The engine house was part of the original Mill built in 1892 Steam was raised by five Lancashire boilers which needed a 220 ft chimney to provide enough draft for “Victoria & Alexander” where it spent all its working life.

Ellenroad Steam Mill

Ellenroad Steam Mill Engines by Phil Robinson

The Engines

In 1892 the engines were named Victoria and Alexandra and the first cotton was produced. The Victoria and Alexandra weighs 82 tons and has the ability to generate 3,000 horsepower (20,000 light bulbs),  it’s 80 ton 28ft diameter flywheel is as tall as a house. The drive was through 44 ropes to line shafts on five floors of the mill. All the boilers were replaced with new Lancashires, raising steam at 180 pounds per square inch. These days the last ever steam engine to power a British factory the 30-ton, 22ft-long Marsden horizontal single cylinder steam engine roars into life at the Ellenroad Steam Museum for your pleasure only.

Both the Victoria and Alexandra and the Marsden are recognised as the last steam engines to run a factory in the UK

A Whitelees beam engine (1842) and a 1921 steam generator will also be in action, so you and all the family are assured a fascinating and informative fun day.

Ellenroad Steam Mill

Ellenroad Steam Mill, Newhey by Phil Robinson


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Elllenroad Mill Steam Engine Rochdale By Anthony Weaver

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Opening Times

First Sunday of the month 10am till 4pm open all year round except January

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Adults £4

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Family £10


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Many other engines, pumps and artifacts on view


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