DK1 Rochdale

DK1 Rochdale


DK1 Rochdale. Taken May 1989, photo from Harold Howarth


1 September at 18:28


 Rochdale Past, Present & Future. No reason to ever get rid of a car like this, in perfect nick it would only go up in value and create a much better impression in my opinion……so what if it drinks juice lol
1 September at 18:30 


  Geoff Haslam Civic Pride….another fading memory!
1 September at 19:44


  Rochdale Past, Present & Future.Thank you, “Civic Pride” is exactly what we need more of Geoff
1 September at 21:14


  Keith Bamford DK 1 is still Rochdale’s Mayors car but not a Daimler DS420 unfortunately
1 September at 18:56



  Neil Matthews DK1 is now the number of the Mayor of Stockport I believe. DK as a suffix/prefix got moved to Stockport. A travesty!
1 September at 18:29


  James Earnshaw Hi. It’s still on the Volvo used by the Mayor of Rochdale.
1 September at 18:54


  Neil Matthews Ah shame they took the reg away – typical bureaucracy
1 September at 19:25


  Dave Hill DK as a registration became absorbed into (Greater) Manchester after 1974 which is why you see it on a Stockport car. DB was one of the original Stockport registrations along with JA.
1 September at 21:31


  Pat Merchant Brady Those were the days. Gone, but never forgotten .
2 September at 05:13


  Clive Rushton Totally agree. The Mayor’s car should be DK1 forever. I remember when it was a RR. Now I drive DK 1 CR.
1 September at 23:07


  Bev Calvert My dad used to drive DK1, it was his pride and joy!
1 September at 20:05


  Alison Jones was it DK1
5 September at 11:33


  Agnes Bilton Has he parked in a KEEP CLEAR area . perhaps he can’t read.
2 September at 15:49


  Alex Titley daimler
2 September at 08:59

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