Church Steps Blue Plaque

Church Steps Blue Plaque

Church Steps pre-1660, repaired 19th century

Church Steps Blue Plaque Rochdale

Possibly dating back to the 12th century, these steps have been the key route linking the town centre to the Church of St Chad for hundreds of years.
Mourning relatives would climb these steps and scatter rue & rosemary in ‘Gods Acre’ (St Chad’s Churchyard) as an offering, to ease the spirits of their loved ones.

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Sue Hayter My 5 times great grandfather must have walked these steps may times. He was a sawyer in the glebe woodland, and married at St Chads in 1785. He lived on Packer Street when his first child was born in 1786.

Diana Forrest Used to climb those to work.

John Reynolds think this is a new one yes , at bottom of the steps

Rebecca Snook I like this seeing as though I ordered it!

Paul Ambrose Have a look at the Councils Blue Plaque Walk and download the guide (pdf).

Margaret Jones Brilliant

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