Church of Saint Edmund Blue Plaque

Church of Saint Edmund Blue Plaque

Church of Saint Edmund

Grade I Listed
1870- 1873

Church of Saint Edmund Blue Plaque
Photo by Mike Royds


Church of Saint Edmund Blue Plaque is situated on the main gatepost of the Church

The outstanding Freemasonic architecture represents the pinnacle of James Medland and Henry Taylors’ architectural skills.
The building was funded by notable Rochdale banker, industrialist and Freemason, Albert Hudson Royds.

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Edmund Street, Rochdale

Peter Kershaw I was brought up in this “young cathedral”. It’s a pity that it is no longer functioning as a parish church, but it is wonderful to see it being preserved
Paul Brady Hi we visited on an open day last year. The place is stunning and you made us feel very welcome as you showed us round. My sister came up from Stockport the same weekend (without me knowing!) and she loved it too, regards

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  1. The only Blue Plaque I can remember is the one on Our Gracie’s chippy, which I think was on Molesworth Street, I can remember seeing it off the back of a bus once, as I remember we were on the way back from Manchester, so it must have been a 24 or happen a 90. We didn’t come down Molesworth Street, I only saw it from a distance. It was a ruin even then, so probably demolished since! She was a damn good singer though!

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