Rochdale Map 1927

Rochdale Map 1927

Rochdale Map 1927, from a booklet produced by Rochdale Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers; J & G Walkers (1920) Ltd, of Larkfield Mill.

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I have had to split the map into four sections so the information can be seen as follows;

Rochdale Map 1927
Part 1

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Rochdale Map 1927
Part 2

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Rochdale Map 1927
Part 3

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Rochdale Map 1927
Part 4

Rochdale Map 1927

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Queensway Rochdale

Queensway Rochdale

Queensway Rochdale

 Photo from Harold Howarth

  Gordon Monks Look at the cigarette price (under 1p a ciggie)!
18 November 2013 at 18:18


  Rochdale Past, Present & for 10p lol
18 November 2013 at 18:19


  Gordon Monks This must be around 1968; I remember Stuyvesant 100s (luxury length) were 5/- for 20 – very expensive!
18 November 2013 at 18:21


  Rochdale Past, Present & Future.after decimalisation that though, was it 12 pennys to a shilling, thay would be 46 pennies? glad I wasn’t around or at least responsable when that happened, I still don’t get it is a shilling 5p or 12 pennies lol
18 November 2013 at 18:22


 Gordon Monks Before decimalisation (February 1971) 12 pennies to the shilling (now 5p), therefore 3/10 = 46d; for comparison, 48d = 4/- = 20p.
18 November 2013 at 18:27


  Mark Conroy Marvellous picture. But it rams home yet another glowing example of our woefully inept council. Dual carriageway all the way through. And what did our wonderful council do to improve traffic flow?? That’s right, made it single file carriageway right up to the motorway. Genius.
18 November 2013 at 18:25


18 November 2013 at 19:30


  Rita Whitfield Agg I new were it was right away brings back memories nice to see Rochdale whith living in Brighton
18 November 2013 at 18:51


  Jan Ratcliffe I know, I’ve just said to Les, it looks like a little country road!
18 November 2013 at 18:11


  Jan Ratcliffe I’m guessing that Mr. Doyle ran the Post Office at that time.
18 November 2013 at 18:09


  Ken Bf Buckley And i ran into the dicken green pub ,most nights
18 November 2013 at 18:17


  Ken Bf Buckley And mr & mrs dale ran the spar shop next door
18 November 2013 at 18:16


  Ken Bf Buckley That guess is spot on jan
18 November 2013 at 18:15


  Valerie Hoyle My mother was born on the farm down the lane behind it.
18 November 2013 at 19:06


  Jan Ratcliffe Does anyone remember the little green hut of a shop, on the lane at the side of the Dicken Green? Really tiny, but sold everything from potatoes to shoelaces, tinned peas to ice cream?
18 November 2013 at 18:49


  Alison Penketh Check out the triumph parked outside
18 November 2013 at 22:28


  Tab Warne We lived on Darley rd… dad used to send me to Fawthrops for 10 Woodbines and a 1/4lb of coconut mushrooms every week …I was only 8 or 9 years old and they always served me lol.
18 November 2013 at 22:14


  Lorraine Blake No real change there still looks the same
18 November 2013 at 19:38


  Chris Hilton I remember the little hut that sold things. I also remember that the Dicken Green had a little shop just inside the front door
18 November 2013 at 19:26


  Joanne Thirsk my uncle David got knocked down in front of this shop…God Bless him but he made a full recovery…
18 November 2013 at 19:17


  Darren Eves Triumph dolomite
18 November 2013 at 18:07


  Mark Healey I remember having my first Saturday job in this shop when i was 13/14. That was in 1978. It was owned by Rod Fawthrop then and his wife was the sister of Tony @ Tony’s chippy.
19 November 2013 at 11:49


  Mike Royds Looks an absolute mess now
18 November 2013 at 20:05


18 November 2013 at 19:26


  Derek Davis Is that Jayne going home from work….
18 November 2013 at 19:23


  Elaine Chadwick Did a newspaper round here for many years before and after school, it was my first job
18 November 2013 at 19:21
  Melanie Jones Mr Doyle did run the post office and for a time before I left school I worked in the Spar shop next door
18 November 2013 at 18:17


  Gary White Fawthrops
18 November 2013 at 18:14


  Paul White Its the one near dicken green gaz
18 November 2013 at 18:24


  Gary White ahh rite, course it is. im thinkin its tuther end ov queensway….1ovthemdays
18 November 2013 at 18:27


  Darren Eves Look 2 lanes 1 car, now 1 lane 50 cars!
18 November 2013 at 18:10