Saint Luke’s Heywood

Saint Luke’s Heywood

Saint Luke’s Heywood is the Parish Church of Heywood

Saint Luke's Heywood
Photo from Harold Howarth

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Jane Yates St Luke’s where my mum and dad got married in 1948!

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Saint Josephs RC Church Heywood

Saint Josephs RC Church Heywood

Saint Josephs RC Church Heywood


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26 Mary St, Heywood, England

Charles Howarth Blue Plaque

Charles Howarth Blue Plaque

Charles Howarth 1814-1868

Charles Howarth Blue Plaque

Social innovator, founder member and later president of the Co-operative movement died here at 28 Wilton St. in abject poverty. Originator of the ‘Co-op Dividend’, Howarth applied in all things his passionate belief in a fair deal for the working class.

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Avon Building, 1 to 14 Kay Street, Heywood

Roger Fenton Blue Plaque

Roger Fenton Blue Plaque

Roger Fenton (1819-1869)

Roger Fenton Blue Plaque
Photo By Dave Hopwood

Pioneer Photographer and co-founder of The Royal Photographic Society was born here on the 28th March 1819

Sponsored by John Renwick Union Cordage LTD

Unveiled by Prof’ John Hannavy 28th March 2004

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Some of Roger Fenton’s Photographs

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Heywood Courts

Heywood Courts

Heywood Courts, photos by Mark Billington

Heywood Courts

Heywood Courts, a Magistrates Court no longer in use, but you can get a feel of what they were like in these great images.

The Courts were above Heywood Police Station, the police cells were in the actual Police Station and the main court, No 1 Court…. was the only court that prisoners were taken to, direct from the cell area below. There were smaller courtrooms off the corridor in the first photo below.

The building is now called TOPS, Heywood’s old police now a business centre.

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Honouring Our Fallen Heroes

Honouring Our Fallen Heroes

(Remembrance Services)

Honouring Our Fallen Heroes

Remembrance Day services to be held across the Borough

Residents across the borough will have chance to pay their respects to those who have given their lives in defence of the country at this year’s Remembrance Day Services.

Commemorations to salute the nation’s war heroes will be held on Remembrance Sunday (9 November), with six parades across the borough.

Representatives from the Navy, Army and Royal Air Force will join veterans and civic dignitaries for the parades, which will take place in Rochdale town centre, Heywood, Littleborough, Middleton, Milnrow and Wardle.

Members of the public are invited to attend to show their gratitude to servicemen and women down the decades.

Remembrance services - PAYING RESPECTS

The Mayor, Councillor Carol Wardle, said:

“This year will be particularly poignant as we will be commemorating 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. As we remember all those who gave their lives and made huge sacrifices, the current operations in Afghanistan is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices our armed forces continue to make in order to preserve our freedom and I hope as many people as possible will join us for these ceremonies.”

And at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (Tuesday 11 November) the Mayor, Councillor Carol Wardle, will lead a two minute silence, with prayers given by Reverend Canon Shackleton, at the town’s war memorial opposite the Rochdale Town Hall.

Honouring Our Fallen Heroes


Councillor Alan McCarthy, Lead Member for the Armed Forces said:

“The Royal British Legion does fantastic work, which it is really important to support and is encouraging everyone to wear their poppy with pride:

“It is so important we stop to remember the sacrifices made in the two wars and subsequent conflicts especially in this centenary year. The message of remembrance needs to be passed on to future generations. In Britain we remember those no longer serving, including those who have died for their country. It is a fundamental characteristic of human nature to remember and commemorate the fallen, not merely for the sake of our own peace of mind, but for the instruction of future generations that they might recognise the price of freedom.”

“Of course what we choose to remember, defines us both individually and collectively.
Remembrance functions on a number of levels, some deeply personal. It will mean different things to the comrade, the spouse, family, friends, children and grandchildren, – not forgetting the ordinary member of the wider society paying homage to the sacrifice of the fallen.”


Honouring Our Fallen Heroes

From the last week of October until 11 November the Royal British Legion will hold its annual poppy appeal. The money raised by the sale of poppies is used to support British servicemen and women. They can be bought at Rochdale Town Hall, online at and from shops, supermarkets, pubs and other locations across the borough.

Councillor McCarthy Added:

“As the generations that fought our two World Wars pass, the tradition that connects us to these events fades by degrees and the duty of remembrance devolves to those of us who thankfully have not known war. Until the day comes when nations learn how to resolve their differences without the exercise of military force, remembrance will be a permanent feature of our existence. The sacrifice of those who earned our freedoms is not forgotten.”

.At the Rochdale service a very special piece of innovative artwork will be unveiled – the ‘21st Century Cenotaph Viewpoint’ project produced by local artist John Cooke based on the Rochdale Cenotaph. Commissioned by Rochdale Township, the artwork will soon be available as a mobile display for local school and colleges.

Parade details as follows:


10:15am Parade meets at the Heywood Public House on Tower Street,
Heywood (anytime from 09.30am)
10:30am Parade sets off from Tower St, left to St James’ Street, right onto Bridge St, along Market Street, Market Place and right onto Hind Hill Street, left into Heywood Memorial Gardens.
10:45am Parade arrives at Hind Hill St and the Gardens
10:55 to 11:15am Remembrance Service at the Memorial Gardens
11:20am Parade sets off for march past from Hind Hill St, via Pine St, Hornby St, Church St (for salute) and march back up Market Place, Market Street, Bridge Street, St James Street back to the Heywood Pub.


10.30am Assemble at Council Offices, Hare Hill Park.
10.40am Parade leaves for Cenotaph.
10.55am Service at Cenotaph.
11.20am Parade returns to Hare Hill Park.


10.15am Assemble facing the Harbord Harbord on Long Street.
10.25am Parade leaves for Middleton Remembrance Gardens.
10.45am Service begins.


10.30am Assemble at Milnrow Library, Newhey Road, Milnrow.
10.40am Parade leaves for Cenotaph.
10.55am Service at Cenotaph.
11.20am Parade returns to Milnrow Library.


10.15am Organisations assemble in Mere Street, Rochdale.
10.30am Parade leaves for Cenotaph via Drake Street.
10.45am Ward Councillors, Magistrates, Officers and other civic guests assemble in the Town Hall Exchange.
10.50am Service at the Cenotaph. At the end of march past, Mayoral Party returns to Rochdale Town Hall and parade goes to Packer Street.


2.15pm Assemble at Village Square, Wardle.
2.30pm Parade leaves for Cenotaph.
3.00pm Service at Cenotaph.
3.30pm Parade returns to village square.

The council signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant in 2012, aimed at encouraging communities to support services that promote and encourage activities that help integrate armed forces personnel back into civilian life. Current or ex Armed Forces personnel can register for help or get more information by visiting If they encounter difficulties when accessing services from the council or its partners email or call the council on 01706 926989.
The Royal British Legion has a weekly base at Number One Riverside in Rochdale. Every Thursday from 10am to 1pm each Thursday their Advice and Information Officers provide face to face advice and support to serving personnel, veterans and their families. The legion can also help them access other welfare services, financial support, property matters, education, retraining, bereavement counselling and membership enquiries.

Bridges In Heywood

Some fantastic Bridges In Heywood photos from Harold Howarth

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Bridges In Heywood

Bridges In Heywood

Some fantastic Bridges In Heywood photos from Harold Howarth, will be posted over the next few days. Please click subscribe on the right to be informed of all new content posted to the site.

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  Barbara England Not quite sure how it comes into remembering Heywood, I know that Heywood is to all intents and purpose a part of Rochdale, but the people of Heywood still class Heywood as Heywood and not the sprawling mass that is Rochdale, forgive me if I am wrong bSee More
  Roy Taylor This is Heywood, Queens Park down by the river the foot bridge across to Plumpton Woods isn’t it Neil?
  Kathryn Spratt Looks like bottom of Queens Park to me when the river used to go Dow there
  Barbara England Not the penny bridge area.
  Colin Hurst It’s also the river Roach
  Barbara England If you check the structures on the opposite bank in the first picture, there is nothing that compares to them near the penny bridge nor has there ever been.
  Barbara England The second picture as the river flows you would have to have been stood between the Queens park road bridge, from that angle the woods climb to crimble, they don’t descend as this picture shows.
  Roy Taylor That’s got everybody talking!!
  Barbara England As I say, born and bred Heywood, that is not the park, I have taken photo’s around this area, and yet to come up with these views. The closest you would get to it would be Heap Bridge near Duxbury’s and I very much doubt that.

Some fantastic Bridges In Heywood photos from Harold Howarth
  Barbara England Not to be too boring the black and white pic is Queens Park road bridge. the third pic of the original three posted, when enlarged shows a pylon, never seen one in the park area, and on the far side of the bridge is a car, how did that get parked up iSee More


  Roy Taylor You are enjoying yourself Barbara, it could just be the other side of the Queens Park Bridge towards Bamford Road, there is another footbridge down there, is there not?


  Winnie Mandella You’re right Dave, not in Heywood.


 Barbara England Thanks Pete, I’ll sleep easy tonight, ever doubted myself, just trying to rack my brain as to where there was another similar bridge and kept coming up with a blank. Roy Taylor never seen one between Queens Park Road and Bamford Rd.


Deeply Vale Box Set

Deeply Vale Festivals have become legendary over the years, now there is a box set coming out with lots of music and memories. Bring What You Expect To Find

Deeply Vale Box Set

Deeply Vale Box Set available now.

Deeply Vale Box Set

and here is the final list of tracks for the cds that come with the Deeply book
Tales of Deeply Vale – 272 page A4 art bound book and six cd set

Bring What You Expect To Find

The Deeply Vale Festivals of the 1970’s 6cd set

Disk 1:

01. Killer Man Giro – Deeply Vale (Music by Foggy/Words by Hovis B. Reading)
02. Luke Bainbridge (Observer Music Monthly/The Guardian) memories recorded 2005 ( he was five back in 1978) plus The Joint Rolling Contest (Featuring Eddie Klejdys)
03. Murmo Schulze – Our First Number
04. The Tunes – In The Car
05. Ruts – It Was Cold live at Deeply Vale
06. Blue Midnight – Before (feat Grant Showbiz)
07. Body – Andromeda
08. The Out – Hearsay
09. Aqua – Human Zoo live at Deeply vale 1978 ( feat Graham Massey(later of 808 Sate), Graham Clark (later of Magick Brothers), Colin Seddon)– Graham Massey wears no socks
10. FreeRide – Funk – 99
11. Victim – Why are Fire Engines Red ?
12. Fast Cars – Images
13. Tractor – Roll The Dice
14. The Fall – Bingo Master’s Break Out ( live at deeply previously unreleased )
15. Stuffed Badgers – Gassing Badgers
16. Visitor 2035- Toefunk
17. Tony Crabtree – The Banks Of Pontrathrain

Disk 2:

1. Mudanzas – Ebow
2 George Borowski She finds Me
(Danny & The Dressmakers ( incl Graham Massey 808 state) – Full Set From 24th July 1978 Featuring: )
03. Danny & The Dressmakers – Ernie Bishops Dead Body
04. Danny & The Dressmakers – What Are We Doing On At A Rock Festival?
05. Danny & The Dressmakers – How Hot Is A Match?
06. Danny & The Dressmakers – Johnny Be Really Fucking Good
07. Here & Now – Strawberry live at deeply vale
08. Victor Brox – Run me off the hill
09. Accident On The East Lancs –We want it legalised
10. Elti-fits – 30 miles per hour in a built up zone
11 . Piccadilly Radio Interview Part 1
12. Steve Hillage – Getting Better live at deeply vale
13. The David Bacha Band – What You See Is What You Get (Foggy’s Beautiful Friday Night Remix)
14. Pete Farrow – Candy Man
15. Trevor Hyett – You Just Can’t Make It
16 Victor Brox Blues Train Sister Kate Dave Lunt bass Lol Coxhill soprano Joe Silmon clarinet Dave Hassell Drums
17 Howard the Duck Too Late To Dance
18 Victor Drago Black Leather Play with fire

Disk 3:

01. Visitor 2035 – Moving in the Direction of Love live at deeply vale

02. Tony Crabtree – Little Wing
03. Rivington Spike [ Poet] – Untitled live at deeply vale
04. No Change – Ruin
05. Here & Now – My Band’s Better Than Your Bong live at deeply vale
06. Drive By Night – Time
07. Nik Turner’s Sphinx – The Awakening – Pyramid Spell live at deeply vale
08. Drive By Night – Look Out
09. Grant Showbiz & Blue Midnight – Goodnight
10. Pete Farrow – Daydreamer
11. John Keegan – Yearning For The Human Race To Run
12. The Fall – Brand New Cadillac live at deeply vale
13. No Change – Lament live at deeply vale
14. Rockslide [forerunner of the Drones] – Hard On Me live at Deeply 1976
15. Murmo Schulz- The Death Pulse live at deeply vale
16. Bill Pod & The Stocks Funky Mungbean

Disk 4:

01. Accident On The East Lancs – Wasted

02. John Keegan – Me & The Green Machine
03. Piccadilly Radio Interview Part 2
04. Ruts – SUS live at deeply vale
05. Elti-fits – Letterbox live at deeply vale
06. Fast Cars – Who Loves Jimmy Anderton live at deeply vale
07. Howard The Duck – You Know Me live at deeply vale
08. Durutti Column – Boxes live at deeply Vale 1978
09. Aspell – Damson live at deeply vale
10. The Tunes – Untitled live at deeply vale
11. Body – Death to those who believe in it- live at Deeply Vale 1978
12. SFW -True Life
13. Here & Now – Hairy Barber live at deeply vale
14.Not Sensibles – I Am The Bishop
15 Tractor – Lost On The Ocean
16 Vibrant Thigh Walking Away

Disk 5:

01. Pete Farrow – Underwater Guitarist
02. Elti-fits – Tony Wilson live at deeply vale
03. Trevor Hyett – There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Fun
04. Steve Hillage – U.F.B live at deeply vale
05. Dr. Fogg’s Mistik Misfits – Valley Of Dreams (Improvisation)
06. Ruts – Jah Wars live at deeply vale
07 Andy T Bring What You Expect To Find
08. Nik Turner’s Sphinx –God Rock live at deeply vale
09. Deeply Vale 1977 Interview`
10. Fast Cars – Tameside Girls live at deeply vale
Wilful Damage – Full Set live at deeply vale From 25th July 1978Featuring :
11. Wilful Damage – Living In A Prison
12. Wilful Damage – Proton Neutraliser
13. Wilful Damage – I’m Scared
14. Wilful Damage – Peace & Life
15. Wilful Damage – Vandals
16. Wilful Damage – Encore (Featuring Eddie Kledjys)
17. Bill Normal on Banjo – My Fathers Woolly live at deeply vale
16 The Young Banjo player- leaning on a lampost live at deeply vale
19 Movement Banned (Wigwam/ Rev Mike Huck) Bartimaes live at deeply vale

Disk 6

1 Tractor Revolution Man
2 John Keegan White Sand
3 Red Eyes – Deeply 96 – San Hose
4 Brenda and the Hot Dicks –Bored live at deeply vale
5 Tony Crabtree Needle of death
6 Durutti Column –Halitosis live at deeply vale
7 No Mystery feat Victor Brox – Big Boss Man (Victor Brox keyboards,Norman Beaker guitar, Tim Franks Drums Dave Lunt bass Dick Heckstall Smith sax , Albie Donnelly Sax)
8 Whitefire Jam Improv
9 Bob Jones – Near Enough For Jazz!!! live at deeply vale
10 The Trend –That’s The Way the Cookie Crumbles live at deeply vale
11 Salford Jets – Pretty Babe
12 Salford Jets – Cadillac – Slight Return
13 Brian Eastwood and Tom Winstanley – Deeply Vale
14 Aspell – Raspberry live at deeply vale
15 Tractor – Bring What You Expect to find
16 Durutti Column – I Like It / I Hate It live at deeply vale
17 Danny & The Dressmakers – Alfie Wimbush live at deeply vale
18 Danny & The Dressmakers – I Hate Julia live at deeply vale
19 Danny & The Dressmakers – Ernie Bishops Dead Body (Slight Return ). . live at deeply vale
20 Danny & The Dressmakers – Dynamite
21 Alchemist – Rock Boogie

We will add a link to where you can buy this as soon as we can, please leave us your comments.

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A History Rochdale

A history of Rochdale from early times to the turn of the 21st century. With John Cole, Richard Catlow and Nick Wilding.

A History Rochdale

A History Rochdale Video

A history Rochdale from early times to the turn of the 21st century. With John Cole, Richard Catlow and Nick Wilding.
This is a great video made a good few years back, lots of information and local images from Rochdale’s Past.

Clog Dancers of Rochdale

Clog Dancers performing a traditional dance locally.

Clog Dancers of Rochdale

Clog Dancers

Clog Dancers performing a traditional dance locally.

Clog Dancers
Photo from Joe Healey


  Alan Lord  Is it the Bacup clog dancer’s
14 August 2013 at 22:50

  Peter McCabe  its the Bacup coconutters with blacked up faces they are still performing but in this new wonderful society are deemed offensive.

7 September 2013 at 11:05

  Susan Buckley  great photo
14 August 2013 at 11:44

  Andre Wilson  How young are some of the band members ??
14 August 2013 at 12:26


Heywood Coat of Arms

Heywood but can you make out the monkey in the coat of arms?

Heywood Coat of Arms

Heywood Coat of Arms
Heywood Coat of Arms
Heywood Coat of Arms, what does the motto mean?
  Peter Jackson  Heywood but can you make out the monkey in the coat of arms?
18 July 2013 at 22:09

  Peter Jackson  Earliest ref to Heywood as monkey town 1857, coat of arms granted by college of arms 1881!!
18 July 2013 at 22:33

 Rochdale Past, Present & Future.  well there you go, thanks for this Peter….still cant see a monkey lol
21 July 2013 at 08:18

  Peter Jackson  Monkey town
18 July 2013 at 22:11

 Rochdale Past, Present & Future.  I thought you was going to explain how you can see a monkey, I thought that would be a mad coincidence if you could as the coat of arms must be way older than the saying.
18 July 2013 at 22:14

  Lynda V. Jopson  I fly high.
18 July 2013 at 22:13

 Rochdale Past, Present & Future.  rise above lol
18 July 2013 at 22:17
  Peter Jackson  Well I was just avin people on which I suppose proves the power of suggestion!! Lol

21 July 2013 at 11:46

  Chris Ankers  Right side as you look at it above the shield .
18 July 2013 at 23:03
  Peter Jackson  Can’t believe you can’t see it, come on guys!
18 July 2013 at 22:56
  Gary Ward  Explain pool master ?
18 July 2013 at 22:36
  Peter Jackson  Haha – it’s all in the perception! Try looking at it from a different angle!

18 July 2013 at 22:28

  Adrian Fitzgerald  Heywood
July 2013 at 21:53

  Debbie Seed  Ohhhh. I see it now! Thanks for pointing it out, Peter & Chris. 😀
In the outline of the… well I’m taking them to be feathers, clinging to and hanging off the right of the crest above the shield, right?
21 July 2013 at 07:59

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Crimble Mill Heywood

This was a poster which was posted around Heywood on Jan 17th 1846….

Crimble Mill

Crimble Mill Heywood, was the place…….


Crimble Mill Heywood-on Monday night the 22nd December 1845 about 8 o’clock, as Nancy Wood of Crimble near Heywood was returning from her works at the Crimble Mill she missed her way and fell in to the River Roch and was taken down stream, although every exertion has been made she as never been seen since……..

Crimble Mill


15 y/old light brown hair dressed in blue printed dress, brown holland pinafore and CLOGS
any person with any info please contact the parents or the local police office and they will receive the above reward for their trouble…

that was a poster which was posted around Heywood on Jan 17th 1846….

Click HERE to see more info & images of Crimble Mill Heywood

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