Boggart Lane Bridge

Boggart Lane Bridge

Boggart Lane Bridge, this photo was taken by the site engineer in June 1934,—W.H.G.Mercer who then became Borough Surveyor in 1948.

Info from Julie Whitworth

Boggart Lane Bridge
Photo from Harold Howarth

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This is the bridge near the entrance to Morrisons on Kingsway. It is quite confusing but as Gordon Monks pointed out on our Facebook Page

Gordon Monks My thoughts are that it’s the bridge over Kingsway, with the original stone arch bridge being replaced by the present girder bridge. The layout of the side panels of the bridge is the same as seen on Google Maps’ Street View. The southern bypass (Queensway, Kingsway and Albert Royds Street) was constructed, at least in part, on the line of existing roads and lanes, which may explain the need to reconstruct the bridge, as it wasn’t suitably aligned or wide enough.

Rae Mills Happy days in Rochdale in 60- 70-80s

Andy Cooper Kingsway. Definitely

Darren EvesI can’t go along with that although the bridge looks the same, the road layout doesn’t. Kingsway was built straight prior to that the road went through at an angle, the earliest map of kingsway I have shows a straight road with nothing either side of the bridge.
Bogart Lane Bridge before Kingsway
Boggart Lane Bridge before Kingsway
Bogart Lane Bridge after Kingsway
Boggart Lane Bridge after Kingsway from Darren Eves
Darren Eves Still confusing looking at the 1936 map there are no houses on that side of the map, but this road could match!
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  1. Is this Bogart as in Humphrey or Boggart as in the Middleton tale, I wonder? Though I can only remember Kingsway and Belfield! Is the Hornets ground near there?

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