Rochdale-Past is a website dedicated to promoting Rochdale in all its forms, with a special focus on Heritage within the Metropolitan Borough.

Rochdale-Past was created with a hope to inspire pride, nostalgia and commitment to this great town. As a outsider (Yorkshireman), but quickly welcomed in, I noticed that the local people even with their long and varied history, didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as townsfolk new to the area. I felt it undeservedly gets talked down by a lot of the people I met.

I love local history, architecture and street view photography and hoped this would be a good way to find out more about Rochdale’s past as well as improve my skills and give something back to the community. Most of all, I hope the power of a good photograph to create thoughts and feelings, could be the best conduit to get together a community of like minded people to try and make a difference to the peoples view of Rochdale…. in whatever form that takes.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough really is a wonderful place, I hope this site shows what a great heritage it has too.

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